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Boat wrap!

This post is a bit late in coming given that we’re now just two weeks from heading to the start line, but our boat is now wrapped in her fancy racing outfit! It was a bit of a rush getting her finished and ensuring all of the sponsors’ logos were in the right places but the team at Signman did a fantastic job and we’re really pleased with the final result.

The DNA on the side represents the charity we’re raising funds for; Reverse Rett is working towards a cure for the genetic disorder Rett Syndrome, which affects our crewmate Ross’s daughter.

Shortly after this video was hurriedly taken, it was time to say goodbye to the boat as she was driven (fully packed with all of our food and kit) down to Essex to be put in a shipping container and shipped to the start line in the Canary Islands. Next time we see her will be in a fortnight’s time when we fly down for 12 days of briefings, inspections and pre-race checks prior to the race start on the 12th December.

Squeaky. Bum. Time.