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Coastal Scull Loan!

I suppose by now we thought we’d be able to get out and train together in the same boat or gym. To be honest we’d take training in the same garden right now! We’ve started using a great online platform called Ergworld which lets us link up our rowing machine monitors and train together virtually, but it’s not quite the same as being on the water. Luckily we’ve been given a great alternative!

Just before Christmas we bought 4 pairs of Concept 2 sweep oars for our Atlantic crossing from the great guys at Oarsport, and when they heard about our challenge they very kindly offered us the loan of the new Wintech Coastal Single Scull, which has been developed to compete in FISA coastal rowing competitions, for a few weeks. And it’s great!

Having this single scull has allowed us to get out onto the water whilst restrictions prevent us from training together, so it’s been a fantastic tool to help us learn how to scull! As you’ll see from the footage, none of us are scullers so it’s been quite a steep learning curve to go from pulling one big sweep oar in a 4 man skiff to feathering 2 oars in a finely balanced racing shell, but it feels like it’s improving our technique as well as forcing us to be more flexible in the hips to absorb the waves – something we’ll have to get very used to on the Atlantic!

The model we’ve been using is the carbon fibre-based racing shell, but the same design can also be constructed using cheaper materials to produce an affordable alternative for those who’d rather explore than race. If you’re interested, get in touch with the guys at Oarsport for more information.