Ergo Marathons

We enjoyed our first World in a Day event so much we agreed to do it again this week, but this time some of the participating rowers online suggested that doing only 20 miles when just another 6 would take you to a full marathon was just a wasted opportunity!

The response from our crew was that the guys were keen and if they couldn’t do it on the day (taking around 3 hours out from home-schooling and work may not be popular!) they would get a full marathon knocked out asap. Fraser still hasn’t got access to a rowing machine so has to sit this one out, but we will be reminding him of his obligation as soon as that changes.

Once again it was difficult to know how to pace it, but after last week’s 32k at least we had a better idea of what we were in for. I had no target other than completing the distance in one go without my arse falling off, and I’m pleased to say the whole thing felt pretty comfortable and my average split was faster than last week’s.


Four of us have now completed our marathons as you can see above. Much like the row itself I think this was as much as test of mental fortitude as physical capabilities, and seeing the evidence of my crew-mates’ efforts only reaffirms the faith that everyone is willing to push themselves to conquer these challenges.